Seattle-based MC, ASHES the CHOSEN, began rapping in elementary school. A few years later, he joined a group called Despensin’ Mad Flavor (DMF). During high school, ASHES formed an independent record label with close friend DJ Phonetic and began releasing mixtapes. Shortly after graduation, ASHES began performing publicly at the Atlanta University Center (AUC), opening up for KRS One and poet Saul Williams.

With his unique sound and socially relevant lyrics, ASHES the CHOSEN has established a stellar reputation among the independent hip-hop scene both domestically and abroad. ASHES, which stands for All Songs Heard Echo Solidarity, embodies the dedication it takes to be an artist of the people, putting his heart and soul into bringing awareness to human rights injustices and presenting solutions through his music. His genuine love of the craft and willingness to advocate for social change emerge through his distinct brand of hip-hop which he has coined “Raptivism.” After releasing the cerebral and thought-provoking album ID, Ego, Superego in 2015, ASHES partnered with charitable organizations to raise awareness for domestic violence. His song, “Tears In Your Eyes,” which charted #23 on CMJ’s Hip Hop Charts, was placed in the NFL and NoMore.org’s Top Ten Most Inspiring Songs on the subject.

ASHES is a true champion of the people. He is unafraid to speak out boldly on behalf of the vulnerable and disenfranchised, while encouraging others to do the same. After the success of ID, Ego, Superego, ASHES was once again hard at work writing, refining, and recording new tracks for his follow-up project, ASHES: The First Call. The mixtape, which was released to radio in the U.S. on August 30th, 2016, has climbed to #6 on the CMJ Hip Hop charts. Beating out major label artists like Mac Miller, M.I.A., Danny Brown and Vince Staples, the project features the Sandra Bland inspired single “#SayHerName,” along with fan-favorites like “Not 2 Blame” and “First World Problems.” #SayHerName is a declaration that Black female lives matter, too. It’s a FREEDOM CALL against the brutalization of black women by police. According to ASHES, The First Call aims to be an essential resource for those who thirst for uncompromised truth, justice, and equality. As his “all the power to all the people” movement continues to grow, ASHES the CHOSEN promises to remain the voice that hip-hop needs.